Gherkin Sketch

We draw to reveal a building’s hidden geometry, to unveil its structure and to understand the complex construction methods. Our university tutors have always inspired us to not simply take a photograph of a building we like, a detail we might use in the future or the atmosphere of a space, but to capture it through a quick drawing. Sketching forces the eye to look for connections and for elements that lie behind, so that the hand can seamlessly and rationally record it on paper. Some buildings can be familiar to everyone, but can only be truly uncovered with a pen in your hand. The Gherkin’s ubiquitous shape is easily recognisable, but at close inspection, the complexity of the geometry reveals itself. The facade is not merely a series of ribbons wrapping around a conic shape, but a network of flat diamond-shaped glass panes and super-engineered joints.

Gherkin Sketchxx6hs


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