Tiny Homes Competition


Late last night I had a had a quick browse through some open competitions and found the Tiny Homes competition, submission due 30th Jan. The timescale isn’t entirely realistic to produce a thorough submission but the brief is interesting and grounded in reality which makes for a worthwhile design exercise.

In short the brief asks for low cost housing for homeless people around a community space. Our initial concept is to create a simple, functional and permanent service core (yellow) containing the bathroom and kitchen with a ‘plug in’ living/sleeping area (red). The temporary living/sleeping area can be more personal to the inhabitant. Once they have enough money and stability to move away the temporary unit can be moved and expanded into a full house of its own or form part of a more independent housing scheme.

At this early stage we’re just thinking about how the forms come together to relate to one another on the tight site whilst making the most of available daylight and views. The brief asks for a fairly technically resolved scheme which is going to be tough to achieve in a few days but for now it seems worth having a go at. More to follow.


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