Tiny Homes Competition: 3. Detail Precedent Study

Work on the Tiny Homes Competition continues. We’ve been looking at the site plan and individual room plans at scale and things look ok to press on. Our attention has now shifted a lot more towards the details which will inform how we refine the larger scale design elements. We’re focusing on the permanent part of the structure now we know that things should more or less fit together on the site. One architect who came to mind as soon as we started to explore the idea of permanence was David Chipperfield. He has talked a lot about the subject and it’s something which is heavily considered in his work. Our next task in to examine some of his work and try to understand the harmony between the different architectural components and how they generate a sense of place. We then need to decide whether there are ideas we feel could work for this brief. We’ll explore that through sketches and possibly models, then move on to think about the temporary parts of the scheme.

The book on the desk at the moment is Junya Ishigami’s How Small, How Vast, How Architecture Grows. Ishigami is an architect with a real talent for conjuring almost mythically lightweight and playful architecture. This kind of approach to the temporary residential units could provide the overall project with balance we’re looking for.

Once we’ve looked at the details we’d like to use throughout the building we’ll return to the plans to refine them. We like to work on a project as holistically as possible, rather than adding technical details to a design. This means we must work methodically thorough the different parts of the project and revisit them to develop them in harmony with the whole.

We’re all set for the afternoon now. The wind and rain on the window are kindly providing the soundtrack for the rest of the day, but sadly this is at the cost of natural light.


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