We are Estudio ESSE; Ecaterina (ES) and Sam (SE). We are Architecture graduates in the middle of our Part 1 ‘year out’ (see our post wp.me/p7arpL-1g  ‘how to become an architect’). The idea is that we’re supposed to work in an office until we go back to university in September, but we’ve got other plans. We’ve both left our jobs in London and will instead pursue our own ideas and curiosities for the next few months. Learning is at the heart of our journey. Months of working on the things which interest us will, we hope, accumulate to form a body of work and experience more spontaneous, varied, personal and impressive than another half year of the same office routine. We are looking to document this journey here, using the blog as a place to collect, plan, share and reflect on the whole process, and equally importantly, to improve our writing skills. 


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